Electrical Breaker

Electrical Wiring in Winston-Salem, NC, Done Right

Improve the efficiency and safety of your home with Scales Electrical Service. When it comes to electrical wiring in Winston-Salem, NC, we make it easier to get the power going on your property. Whether you are planning a renovation or expansion project, count on us for all of your electrical needs. Thanks to our commitment to quality, accuracy, and punctuality, you can trust us to make sound improvements to your home–all according to your schedule and budget. The modern home, including its comforts and conveniences, is based on electricity. Dependable wiring ensures that when you plug in a device or flip a switch, it will work. As technology advances, your home also faces increased power demands. In turn, older electrical wiring systems might not have enough power for everything you need. Consequently, an underpowered home is at an increased risk of short circuits, surges, and outages. Give your home a brighter future with our comprehensive electrical installation services. If you have an older home, are planning to renovate, or making a room addition, we’re here to bring the power to your daily life. We work quickly and carefully to ensure you have the power, outlets, lighting, and more for a well-connected property.

Make Improvements with Confidence

When you hire us, you are on your way to obtaining a home that accommodates your everyday needs. Thanks to our extensive training and experience, we can complete a variety of projects of virtually any size. All work we do is in accordance with the latest building and safety codes. Our services include:n

Electrical Installation

A well-designed circuit ensures you have enough power for your electrical outlets, appliances, and devices. For new construction projects, we design and implement dependable wiring systems. Our electricians can place new wire, as well as make the proper upgrades to your outlets, switch systems, and the breaker box.

Electrical Additions

A renovation can improve the look and performance of your property. However, new rooms and fixtures also mean additional power requirements. Leave it to our team to make the vital upgrades to your property. We’ll make the right improvements to your wiring. We can also install power-ups and subpanels to meet your home’s increased power demands.

Your Local Professional Electricians

Work with electrical contractors you can trust. When you hire us, you can always expect dependable service by a professional team. We stake our reputation on delivering upfront, honest service–meaning you know what you are getting and how much it will cost when we’re on the job. On top of that, we uphold high professional standards. When working on your home, we make a point to maintain a clean an organized work area–we use drop cloths and boot coverings to keep your home clean. Hands down, we make electrical installation a hassle-free experience. Contact us to request an estimate for electrical installation. We are based in Winston-Salem, NC, and serve the Piedmont Triad area.