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smart home with smart screenWhen it comes to convenience for your home, generators and smart home features probably aren’t the first things that come to mind in a world full of iPads and hot tubs. However, many times the most practical niceties are the ones that blend seamlessly into your routine.You won’t think about your power generator most of the time. But when your area loses power, having a generator or not will significantly change your experience. More than that, will you have a generator that will keep going for days on end if that’s what it takes?

Choosing a generator: buy with confidence.

There are a lot of options out there for power generators. Sometimes making the decision to buy one is exciting right up until you browse a hardware store and feel overwhelmed. But if you’re here now you’ve made the simpler choice. We can conduct an assessment of your home and your typical power usage, as well as your priorities in the event of an outage. For instance, is it important to you to have most of your amenities working or only a few necessities?From there, we can recommend generators that best suit your needs. Because we’re not tied to specific brands, the recommendations will always be tailored to your home first. Not all generators are built for longer usage, such as when the power is out for a whole week. Like any other motor, they require a battery to start (and keep running) even though they use fuel primarily once started. That battery doesn’t stay charged on its own, and if there isn’t an alternator on the generator to keep it topped off you can find yourself in a situation where the generator cuts off mid-operation. You don’t want the frustration of thinking you had piece of mind because of a purchase and then still being out of luck when your area has no power. These are exactly the kinds of situations we anticipate and help our customers avoid.

Having a smart home is easier than you think.

Smart home features were popularized with TV shows depicting talking houses and refrigerators that automatically dispense beer. As fantastical as that seems, a lot of people assume modern smart home features are prohibitively expense or complicated.“I don’t want to tear apart my whole house to make this work,” you might be thinking. The good news is that while we may be a few years away from auto beer dispensers, many of the features people want most are widely available and fairly straightforward to install. You can add features such as:n

    • Smart thermostats you can control from a smartphone


    • Security systems that sync with other systems in your home. You can easily monitor them from your smartphone.


    • Smart lighting with adjustable colors and brightness


Many of these systems can synchronize, so you can coordinate your security system alongside your thermostat for when you’ll be away, or to recognize when family members come and go and adjust accordingly. That holds with all sorts of electronics these days. Years ago, creating a multi-room stereo system would often require going through walls with wires to keep things neat. It looked nice but was a lot of work. Newer wireless solutions make installing and syncing far simpler.

Complete your beautiful Bermuda Run presentation

led-lightingYour home is already your sanctuary. With the range of security options and other home integrations, that feeling only becomes more complete. With this kind of control at your fingertips, you’re truly the master of your domain. Our goal at Scales Electrical Service is to help homeowners transform their homes into their dreams. So often an idea for renovations or additions ends up being more hassle than someone envisioned, and then it doesn’t end up feeling as good as it should. That, or folks end up in homes that they thought would be capable of certain things and aren’t. They may still like their house overall, but they don’t love it. We want your home to excite you. Sure, a home is more that glitz and glam. Your amenities need to have function. You don’t want to fill your space with things you don’t need just to have something to show off. But a lot of these features mean real productivity and control, things that help with both day-to-day as well as entertaining friends and family.

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