Reliable Electrical Repair in Ardmore & Buena Vista

Have you lost power to an outlet or a whole room and aren’t sure why? Or maybe you’re noticing that your power usage keeps tripping the circuit breaker. These kinds of disruptions don’t have to be a bother to your home any further.We’ll come in and carefully diagnose the issue, making budget-conscious recommendations to restore functionality and ensure safety.
We’ll do an electrical audit of your appliances and hardware
Our appliances tend to draw more power than anything else in our homes. When there’s a wiring issue, an improper connection, or an unusual power draw, this is a good place to begin.Sometimes it’s as simple as an outlet with poor wiring on the other end, or an old appliance starting to go bad. For instance, a hastily-installed 240V line for your dryer can cause a burnout of the wiring behind it. The line may still carry enough voltage that the dryer will spin, but it won’t dry. In cases like that it will seem like an issue with the dryer, such as a bad heating element, but it’s actually an issue behind the wall. If that initial review doesn’t uncover the issue, we’ll dig deeper into your electrical systems to check whether it’s an issue with the wires in the walls or the switch box itself. In some cases the issue can even be on the exterior of your home where power lines connect to your house. The important part is that we’re patient and careful. Our background in construction gives us insight into where to look and what could be causing conflicts, but we never proceed into any course of action without your consent.
Your historic home may need some modernization
Over the years we’ve seen a lot of new electrical standards and requirements that simply didn’t exist in the past. In historic areas like Ardmore and Buena Vista there’s a well-deserved pride in the old buildings, but living in an old building also probably means having outdated electrical systems. At the very least, this may mean rooms have too few outlets for all the devices we use each day. Beyond that, it can also mean the home isn’t wired to support the overall power modern life can entail. Bringing the electrical systems current doesn’t have to mean abandoning the historic beauty of the home. Wherever possible we’ll work to preserve wall materials and other decorative touches, replacing only what is needed for safety and longevity of the building’s systems. This way, you’ll have the best of both worlds. A beautiful building that stands as a testament to its history in North Carolina, and a first-class electrical system to support your modern lifestyle.

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