Building A Safe, Efficient Home in Lewisville-Clemmons

If you’re in the planning phases of building a new home, you’re probably knee deep in coordinating contractors and making sure some of the goals are even feasible.We can help! Our background in construction means we understand what’s involved from framing an area to properly configuring it to live in. Other contractors will need working power to run their equipment, so quite often your electrician will be one of the first into the framed structure to begin work. Avoiding delays and situations where one contractor’s work interferes with another’s takes experience. This is something we pride ourselves on being able to manage.

Enjoy the beautiful views in Lewisville and Clemmons, starting with your home.

Whether you grew up in the area or are planning to move to Clemmons, you’ve likely been captivated by the wide open spaces and beautiful landscapes. Many of North Carolina’s best-known wineries are also in the area, from Medaloni Cellars to Westbend and Raylen Vineyards.That’s of course not to mention Tanglewood Park and its annual Festival of Lights.There’s a lot to love here, and if you’re new to the area you’ve chosen somewhere beautiful to call home.That said, your experience in the Lewisville-Clemmons area begins at home. When you’re settling in on the sofa that first night after a long day getting moved in, we want everything to work seamlessly. Your home is your sanctuary, and nothing shatters that feeling faster than a small but obvious flaw. That’s the kind of thing that once you notice, you can’t not notice. When it comes to building a new home, we want you to have your dream. Nothing shatters that vision faster than noticing things missing that you’d really hoped for. Early on in learning this work, we started seeing a pattern of folks getting deep into renovation projects and not realizing how much the projects really entailed. That’s a bad situation, too, and another one we work to help people avoid.

Leverage the opportunity for a forward-thinking home

The upside to the inspection process of buying a new home (or planning a new build) is that it’s easier to make changes. After you’ve lived in a house for awhile and have a routine for where everything plugs in, it can be troublesome to open a wall or rearrange outlets.During this process, though, we can be objective about what works and what needs adjustment. We can assess your typical power usage and determine if the home is set up to handle it and make suggestions if it’s not.There are also several new electrical standards now that weren’t in place 10 years ago. If you’re building a new home, we’ll wire everything according to these standards.nnIf you’re moving into an older home, it’s never a bad idea to update the electrical systems to accommodate these new standards. They exist for safety — largely because our power needs these days are far beyond anything a typical family was doing many years ago. Whether it’s safely providing the current for multiple TVs, iPads, and other modern mainstays or adding smart home features, the home buying/building process is an ideal time to put everything in place. That way, you gain the peace of mind knowing that everything is tip-top in your home can give you.Let’s build your vision together.

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